I was born and raised in England, spending the first 16 years of my life in my parents’ amazing “community school”. Then I attended ballet school and trained as a model before I came out to the US at 21, determined to become an actress in Hollywood. Many adventures and some films later, I studied Resonance Repatterning with Chloe Wordsworth, the founder and developer of this extraordinary work, and became a Certified Practitioner.

In the 1990s, in the early days of Resonance Repatterning (then called Holographic Repatterning), I assisted Chloe for six years, learning a lot about Resonance Repatterning by acting as an observer of new RR teachers and by answering endless phone inquiries from all over the world from Resonance Repatterning practitioners wanting clarification on what to do next, how do I do it, what does this mean… I loved connecting with them ~ a really amazing and wonderful time as we slowly worked through their burning questions until they understood, and I did too! Gradually Chloe had me read all her Resonance Repatterning manuals and give her feedback on anything that wasn’t clear to me. That was another wonderful opportunity ~ studying each book, word by word, as Chloe wrote them!

Since then I have lived in Prescott, AZ and do Resonance Repatterning sessions from here.
Lindis Chloe’s sessions are $195. (updated Oct 26, 2021)