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What is Resonance Repatterning?

Resonance Repatterning (RR) is based on the theory that we are a hologram, (read M. Talbot’s “the Holographic Universe.”) made of energy frequencies that become restricted in response to unmet life needs. As a result they lose their optimal frequency and their optimal functioning…..

Our less-than-optimal frequencies then manifest as unconscious patterns of negative resonance, (resonance being an affinity with something) we resonate with life-depleting responses to situations. These responses manifest in our lives as business problems, health issues, unworkable relationships and an inability to experience happiness and joy, other than in very short bursts! Take your pick.

How Does Resonance Repatterning Work?

In RR we use a system of muscle checking, also known as kinesiology to discover what it is that you are negatively resonating with, what it is that you need as a healing modality to shift this resonance and what are the positive thoughts and dreams you have that you wish to resonate with. What is so astounding is that you will be “off”, or out of resonance, with ALL the positive statements that come up and “on” in resonance with ALL the negative statements. Is it any wonder that our life is less than marvelous?

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