As a practitioner I have seen over the years how much negative garbage we put up with in our lives. Actually, all I have to do is look at myself and my life to see that. We think that this “Garbage” is a normal part of life, we expect it, everyone has to go through garbage. This is Life with a capital L. However, as long as this is what we expect, this is what we will encounter. I think it is time we begin to transform our expectations and put our desires center front where we can see them, know them and feel them. I am convinced that we will find it extremely difficult to do this other than through RR sessions, though I am very biased. I love what this healing process brings into people’s lives, and how much of their own love and joy they begin to experience.

“It is not because things are difficult
That we do not dare;
It is because we do not dare
That things are difficult.”
~ Seneca.

I heard a story on “Car Talk” {NPR} about a lady who had bought a car and the minute she did, she absolutely hated it. She called up Tom and Ray to find out what they might suggest. They told her to sell the car and get one she really liked, “Life is too short to be driving a car you hate, it was only a car, and she could be dead in six months!!” Naturally she said she couldn’t possibly sell it, “what would people think of me? think of the money I would be wasting!” Then, as sometimes happens on the program, she was called back, probably six or seven months later, to see if she had followed their advice. She told them “No she hadn’t, however, she was now driving a fabulous car, one she adored, and she was so happy.” It turned out that she had been in an accident, “not my fault.” Her car had been totaled and she therefore HAD to buy another one. This is what we do. We seem to be unable to follow our own desires without some powerfully motivating factor as to why we are doing it, which is always completely water proof, and certainly “Not my fault.” Like the lady on “Car Talk,” we make sure that the reason for our change is because it is “forced” on us by the circumstances occurring in our life.

I know that you will be saying “Of course I want to change my job to a better one, of course I want to earn more money, of course I very much want a wonderful partner to share my life with,” etc. These are all the wonderful head thoughts we trumpet to ourselves on a daily basis, which for the most part are unable to manifest in our lives because of our negative unconscious patterns. With ‘want’, which is a negative word as the activation force, this will never happen. Want, Try, Can {sure we can, will we though?} and other such words stop us in our tracks. Our desired head thoughts and our inner thoughts about us and what we feel we deserve to experience are poles apart, usually written on two different pages. I know I’ve said it before, our deeply held inner thoughts, our patterns of negative resonance, are what cause the difficulties in our life. Think about this carefully. These resonance patterns seem so real, are so ingrained into our way of thinking about ourselves, that we find it extremely difficult to imagine that we can transform who we currently are into someone who is so much more pleasing to us. “Surely this is not possible?” Absolutely it is, we simply need the powerful positive desires and a RR practitioner.

Lindis-Chloe Guinness

Lindis-Chloe Guinness

Lindis is a certified practitioner of Resonance Repatterning for 26 years. She is a seasoned practitioner with deep knowledge of Resonance Repatterning.