When you have a Resonance Repatterning session it is you as the client, who is running the RR session, you who are telling the practitioner through your muscle checks what it is you desire to transform, and you who are controlling how much you choose to bring up, and how this should be done for your highest and best healing.”

This is a quote from my book called “Resonance Repatterning. A Highway to Healing Through This Profound Voyage into Who We Are.”  To be published.

More on this subject since I feel it is very important that you understand nothing is being “visited” on you by someone else. “Resonance Repatterning is the embodiment of self-healing and as such, an assist to you to dissolve your pain and fears and find your own self-understanding. It is entirely non-invasive, the client takes the RR session where they most need to go at that particular moment and no further.”

The following statement from a Resonance Repatterning session is entitled:- A New Life.

“All the negative memories about my life as a baby, child, teen and adult, the beliefs and perceptions that I have embraced throughout my entire physical, emotional, mental, etheric and luminous being, I now joyously and happily consign to a brilliant and imaginatively burning bonfire, and warm myself in the lovely blaze; and after, cook potatoes in the beautiful embers. A new life for me out of the old.

I have now transformed with love to love, all the old outworn negative thoughts and beliefs about myself that my life has been predicated on and now deliberately understand that my parents did and do love me unconditionally, even though they may have had a problem showing this love to me and I may have had difficulty feeling this unconditional love in the noise and tumult of my life. For I now understand that from where I once was and what I have experienced, I create my new life and I now 100% desire, in every single cell of my entire Physical, emotional, mental, etheric and luminous being that my new life is created in my brilliantly creative imagination {the place where our life is created, like it or not! L-CG} with only the greatest feelings of love, joy, passion, excitement and happiness I now imagine about me and my life and so it 100% is, physically, emotionally, mentally, etherically and luminously now and for all my life.”