When you have a RR session you too will be astounded as I was, at the “Negative Non-Sense” we resonate with. We are who we have created ourselves to be for reasons that we feel internally are very important for us and our life. Believe me, they aren’t!

I was doing a RR session for a client who had a problem with alcohol, and a particular statement came up for them that went “………Alcohol is my brain, and I am unable to function properly without it.” Is it any wonder that they had difficulty letting go of this powerful need to drink alcohol?

It is also interesting that in an addict’s brain when taking the drug of choice, the area that lights up in an MRI of the brain is the same area that is about being noticed and attracting to them the notice of others. Are there negative patterns in our lives, irrespective of drugs, that we are able to begin to recognize as our way of being noticed and attracting to us the notice of others?

Please, resist self-judgments. If we do see some familiar patterns, recognition is all that is needed, then we have an opportunity to transform them if we so wish.

Lindis-Chloe Guinness

Lindis-Chloe Guinness

Lindis is a certified practitioner of Resonance Repatterning for 26 years. She is a seasoned practitioner with deep knowledge of Resonance Repatterning.