I hope you understand that though our life appears to be fixed and impossible to transform in any noticeable way, yet we are simply the “re-pattern,” the “echo,” “the affinity with,” a “tendency to unite with” our deep inner negative decisions, our unconscious patterns about ourselves. In this way we remain “aligned” with and “echoing” who we have always been and amazingly, choose to be, repeating our negative internal thoughts over and over again which manifests as our life

Our resonance with our own negative non-sense is the one and only impulse that causes us to do the things we do. We believe in certain modes of behavior and choose the life-style that most closely aligns with and parallels this resonance we are operating from.
To add to the above, a very powerful quote:

“…….Nothing that you experience is caused by anything outside of you. You experience ONLY the effects of your own choices.”
Jeshua ben Joseph.

Our unconscious patterns of resonance is the power house that tells us how to behave, how we need to function in our life, what we think we need to do to be accepted and loved by our parents and later by others. The only problem being that these same unconscious patterns of resonance seem to be overly abundant on the negative side, rather than the positive.

Lindis-Chloe Guinness

Lindis-Chloe Guinness

Lindis is a certified practitioner of Resonance Repatterning for 26 years. She is a seasoned practitioner with deep knowledge of Resonance Repatterning.