Why Me? Why we have difficulty accepting responsibility for our lives

Why me? The age old question we all groan out when things begin to go wrong, which will bring up the hidden feeling that we need to blame someone else for our difficulties; mostly God, or whomever we like to think that brings us to experience our life as it is, and causes us to make the decisions we do about said life. It is clear from my experiences with Resonance Repatterning sessions that we have great difficulty accepting that we are the instigators of our life.

Why we ask is this happening to me? As I said before our life is our own private movie, showing us very clearly what it is we are resonating with and giving us reasons to choose another way to live, if we so desire. Our life is a reflection of who we think we are and what we feel we need to be experiencing. It is helpful to remember that everything that goes on in our life is our resonance with it, our powerful internal resonance magnet working overtime, ours alone.

Whether we believe that God is in charge, someone else is in charge, that I am helpless to do anything and make any changes. {ZU*} ALL these are our choices only. People can certainly attempt to influence us to think and act as they do, it is always our choice though as to whether we allow a person to influence us, or pick another way for our life. As a tiny child though, it is almost impossible to resist ones parents’ impact.

Two Healing Modalities for Your Use Right Now:

* A Zip Up {ZU} to give it its full name, is a wonderful healing modality, simple to do, and that I have put into my book each time something comes up that is very negative. It is a strengthening action that closes one off from whatever negativity is going on around you; quarrels, rudeness, obscene actions even one’s own negative thoughts and words about oneself which we have a tendency to utter on a lot of occasions! We have no mercy on ourselves. Here is how one performs a ZU. Imagine that you are zipping up a heavy winter jacket from the bottom to the top, slowly and deliberately. It is closing oneself off from whatever you have heard, or even read {hence the ZU’s in the book} and as I said it strengthens one. After you have performed the ZU think of something positive to say about yourself, anything will do, simply make it beautifully positive.

A further healing modality which I want to mention is simply saying “YES” as many times as you’d like to, out aloud if you are able to, even say YES when there are people round you. They will want to know what you are doing. YES is the most positive word in any language you can think of. What is the word you longed to hear as a child and rarely, if ever did? YES. We heard NO with such alarming regularity as a child that we didn’t even think about it. All the NO’s simply tuned us in to negativity that we experienced as a small child and continue to experience to-day. The more YES’s you can say the better. I yell out this wonderful world whenever I think about it, and I’ve discovered that after a number of YES’s one begins to laugh uproariously which makes the healing modality even more powerful. The YES is far from being an answer to a question, it is simply you saying the word and filling yourself with positive feelings about you. You can even mutter YES’s to yourself when someone is laying in to you in a horrid manner. See YES’s in large gold letters surrounding you, in front of you, over your head. Whatever is being said will rapidly dissipate. So get going, yell out YES at the top of your voice and notice how you feel.

Lindis-Chloe Guinness

Lindis-Chloe Guinness

Lindis is a certified practitioner of Resonance Repatterning for 26 years. She is a seasoned practitioner with deep knowledge of Resonance Repatterning.